Our Technical Office, extensively experienced in the design of joints and profiles in rigid and flexible materials, puts at your disposal advising service for your projects throughout the design phase, collaborating on the development of highly functional and high performance products. We also offer technical office support to customers who are not provided with it.

Currently, we are working with many sectors such as: Construction, Carpentry, Curtain Wall, Shower enclosures, Urban equipments, Renewable energies, Automotive industry, Lighting, etc. This is the reason why our technicians are used to working with different concepts of raw materials and mechanical applications.

Services in our department:

• Execution of design projects for joints and profiles.
• Advice for customers on new product design.
• Advice on the choice of materials according to their application.
• Optimization of functionality on existing products.
• Calculations on thermal transmission (Therm).
• Monitoring on manufacture processes.
• Product technical information.